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Freelance Software Developer

Hi there, I'm a software developer with over 30 years' experience of application builds for the desktop and the web. I help small businesses improve services, save time and increase revenues - creating benefits for staff and clients alike.

Whether working alone or as part of a team, I can help you design, build, test and deploy software applications and rapidly bring associated benefits to all.

How I Work


Consultation with the client on their needs.


All designs, application builds and tests.


Migrations, training and support / handover.

My Skills


Samples Of My Work

Headway Luton

Client Management Software

A system used by a local charity to record all relevant details on centre and community clients, including a medical review, rehabilitation outcomes and risk assessments.

(php, HTML, CSS, JS, mySQL)
UK Gymnastics

Sports Club Membership System

A system to record details of club members, including gymnasts and coaches. Includes a facility to track details, invoicing and payment of membership fees.

(php, HTML, CSS, JS, mySQL)

Technology Services Management

A toolkit for techies, comprising Customer Management, Development Management and Service Management. All TSM operations in a single system. Even I use it!

(php, HTML, CSS, JS, mySQL - currently being rewritten in C# with a SQL Server Database)

Case Studies

Service Improvement

The introduction of a Client Management System (CMS) at a local charity helped reduce space taken up by client documents - contracts, letters, rehabilitation plans, client outcome forms etc. Previously stored in secure filing cabinets in a locked room, now uploaded to the CMS via its Document Management System.

The move from the physical to the digital allowed the charity to shred the original documents, empty and remove the filing cabinets and so make the room available for confidential client consultations.

This, in turn, cleared space in another part of the building that is now used for fully funded client activity - helping the charity to offer more services for their clients.

This in turn allowed the charity to further help towards client rehabilitation.

Increase Revenues

One client managed memberships to a range of outlets throughout the UK, their previous process of income generation and collection being long-winded, manual and inefficient. They knew they weren't invoicing every member and they also knew that they weren't collecting every invoice. However, tracking who had and hadn't been invoiced, as well as tracking who had and hadn't paid would take too long and get in the way of signing up new members.

I created a system that allowed the quick creation of new member invoices, tracked revenues generated, invoiced, paid and owed and therefore gave an instant snapshot of where they were with invoice collection.

Further, it allowed for the rapid renewal of memberships, so renewal fee invoice generation and collection was equally as efficient as for new members.

The organisation was therefore able to increase its revenues by replacing an inefficient billing and payment process with an up-to-date computer system.

Project Troubleshooting

I was asked to help fix and complete an out-of-control software project. None of the items had been delivered as yet, everything was at least four months late, scope creep was occurring on a large scale and the client had almost lost trust in the solutions provider.

Following a review of the project from both sides, I created a new Requirements Specification with all requests included, both old and new. I then gained approval and signoff from the client for that version of the specification – any further new requirements would be added to “phase two”.

Next, I liaised with the internal development team and secured their estimate as to the duration of each of the approved requirements - and then I added 20%. After that, I created a comprehensive Project Plan, gaining commitment from every resource and stakeholder.

I committed to creating a detailed Technical Specification for each requirement as the project went along (for the development team to work on) as well as maintaining a high level of communication to both customer and solutions provider.

All of the above helped to ensure that every item was delivered on time.

Contact Me

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My rate is £40 per hour and I can be booked for £250 per day.


"On behalf of our charity I'd like to thank Andy Wood for his hard work in creating a bespoke system to meet all our data collection needs within a given project time-frame and, importantly, within our agreed budget. Andy was very professional in his approach and quickly established what we actually needed in hardware, software and design to suit our organisational needs and staff ease of use. His continued support over the years has been equally invaluable. I would personally recommend Andy Wood for IT services to anyone. 10/10" Grahame Atkins, Headway Luton
"A big thank you to Andy Wood for building our membership portal. We can instantly see how many coaches and gymnasts are associated with each club and that allows us to accurately capture membership fees." Jason Wise, UK Gymnastics

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